Wednesday , July 26 2017
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Love Jihad: Cobrapost reveals how VHP-BJP-RSS communally polarizing the country

New Delhi: Astonishing revelations have been made by the news website Cobrapost about the controversial issue of ‘Love Jihad’ and all the groups which are working against it.

There have been incidents in the past where the term Love Jihad was coined frequently and many Muslim youths have beaten to death, to highlight the alleged problem of ‘Muslim’ men luring and pleasing ‘Hindu’ women into marrying them.

A year-long investigation by Cobrapost reveals a systematic effort, stretched from Meerut to Ernakulam through Mangalore, to use the “bogey of love jihad” to communally polarize voters during elections.

During their investigation, their members met with RSS, BJP and VHP leaders from various places, and they reveals, how BJP and its splinter groups use “violence, intimidation, emotional blackmail, duplicity and drugs” to split up Hindu-Muslim community. It is an attempt to portray Muslim men as a threat to Hindu community.

It further reveals that the primary agenda of the saffron party is to communally polarize the society and unite the Hindu vote-bank. Even more concerning fact is that the sensitive area of Muzaffarnagar is still gripped under communal waves.

According to Catch news, Cobrapost even has RSS, VHP and BJP leaders on tape confessing to inciting violence against Muslims. They include Sanjeev Kumar Balyan and Sangeet Som who are accused of instigating Hindu rioters in Muzaffarnagar in 2013.

On being asked about their plan of action to nullify an act of ‘Love Jihad’, Radhey Shyam, VHP worker from Muzaffarnagar says, “Love jihad happens because you ( Hindu) are weak. You just need to shoot a few people and it will stop the next day. If you see a Muslim boy with our girl, just shoot them.”

Hukum Singh, BJP MP from Karana, UP says, “We are failing before law as the girl refusing rape claim made by us and showing willingness to stay with Muslim men only. “We will block out everything, we will block roads, and we will make life difficult for them”, he said.

According to BJP MLA Sangeet Som, who is also one of the prime accused in the communal clashes this is Hindustan and it does not matter which party is running the government. We will do our best to make it a Hindi Rashtra.