Thursday , August 17 2017
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Loksatta-AAP combine to fight GHMC polls

Telangana Loksatta Party & Telangana Aam Aadmi Front here on Monday joined together to involve people in decision-making and implementation.

Addressing the media here today, Telangana Loksatta Party State general secretary Paduri Srinivas Reddy said the democracy has become a handiwork of a few families or people’s representatives and there was an urgent need to pave the way for real democracy of the people, by the people and for the people. To achieve this, the Telangana Loksatta Party and Telangana Aam Aadmi Front have joined hands, he said.

“In the fourth coming GHMC elections, it will be our endeavour to field candidates approved by 100 local ward voters unlike in other parities aspiring candidates have to go-round the party offices for lobbying and invest money and muscle power with ulterior motives of usurping power to amass wealth. Any decent person with values and ethics will never join politics in such an environment. In the interests of the society and democracy, people can only be protected and nurtured by good intentioned selfless, service-minded people”, he added.

Srinivas Reddy said they will be releasing party posters for information to the people and also to seek the well-intentioned prospective candidates and supporters to interact. “The politics have to change for the better and our party stands for that. Very soon we will be releasing our manifesto as well as our implementation methodology which will be a thought-provoking and revolutionary”, he added. (NSS)