Sunday , July 23 2017
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A little “Gandhi” sees Ganeshas heading towards Tank Bund

Even as the city was bustling with hectic Ganesh festival activity and all the roads led to Tank Bund, NTR Ghat and Hussain Sagar and thousands of people making their way fast to Hussain Sagar, a little boy attired as Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi was cynosure at Liberty crossroads on Sunday.

The boy was found on the road making whistle sounds with paper-made blowers and eating Pulihora, sweet and drinking water thanks to organisers on both sides of the Himayatnagar and Liberty Crossroad area. The boy sought alms from the passersby. Clad like Gandhi with silver paint smeared from waist to tonsured head was standing at the busy Liberty Crossroads.

When this correspondent tried, the little “Gandhi” could not spell his name with clarity much to the chagrin of others. However,  however some youths dropped coins in a plastic box he was holding. (NSS)