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#LetsBreakStereotypes breaking marriage stereotypes in India

New Delhi, Nov. 26 : In an attempt to break orthodox stereotypes surrounding marriages, #LetsBreakStereotypes campaign is trending on social media and people are taking a part in it openly to talk about various gender and marriage related stereotypes.

Online matrimony service,, posed 10 thoughtful questions to every individual about stereotypes, ranging from “If your wife doesn’t change her maiden name, would you be okay?”, “Are you ready to choose a partner who’s not fair looking?”, “What’s your opinion on your life partner earning more than you?” to “Real men help with household chores. Yes/ No and Why?”

The survey revealed that 96 percent of the men were perfectly fine with their life partners retaining their maiden names.

When it came to the colour of the skin, 98 percent revealed that it was not an important criteria while choosing a partner.

When asked if only wearing a saree made a woman traditional, 97 percent responded “No”.

Surprisingly, 95 percent said that both bridegroom and bride’s family should share the wedding expenses.

The majority of the people who took part in the survey had four interesting opinions regarding marriage stereotypes: Looks are not as important as emotional connections for choosing a partner, most men actually don’t mind if their future wife earned more than them, it would only make them more proud, the character you wear inside, holds more value than what you wear on the outside, and women actually understand a man’s love for his mother and would never compare it with theirs.

Kaushik Tiwari, Head of Marketing at, said that #LetsBreakStereotypes brought out the true opinions of today’s youth on several important stereotypes relating to marriage, adding that it showed that youth were moving forward. is a signature internet conglomerate, managing marquee brands such as, the largest and most trusted matrimony brand.

It is one of the fastest growing and profitable organisations in both the digital and offline space, with a reputation for innovation, technical excellence and entrepreneurship. (ANI)