Wednesday , May 24 2017
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Leaders using construction of govt. school as election bait

Mr. Osman bin Mohammed Al-Hajari President Deccan Waqf Protection Society told that due to the negligence of political leaders who claim to love Urdu, construction of building of an Urdu Medium government school is pending. Land for the construction of building was obtained 5 years ago, the construction had begun 5 years ago but the work suddenly came to a halt. And today garbage is being thrown on the place. Meanwhile the school has been upgraded to upper primary and High School and has been temporarily shifted to Amlapur Karwan, where students are facing a lot of problems because of small building. Students’ strength is dropping day by day.

Candidates of political parties had made lofty claims regarding construction of school building before last elections but after getting victory they became mum on the issue. Now that the elections are on the horizon once again the leaders of political parties are conducting road shows. Osman Al-Hajari asked all the political parties how long will the issue of construction of building be used as election bait?

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