Sunday , May 28 2017
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Boy became girl after 16 years, decided to undergo surgery

New Delhi: A student of Vasant Valley School, Krishna Singh aged 16 started hormone replacement therapy as he want to convert from Krishna Singh to Naina Singh. Now, Naina Singh who used to Krishna Singh plans to undergo sex reassignment surgery after Class XII exams.

Mishi Singh, Naina’s mother said that she loves make-up and wants to grow her hair. Noticing this behavior of her son, Mishi took Krisha counsellors in 2011. She also said that Krishna always used to get attracted to toys and dolls.

In September 2014, counsellors called Mishi and Naina’s elder sister and inform them that Krishna is a girl. Mishi supported Naina and asked her to start hormone replacement therapy and laser-hair removal.

Principal of the Naina’s school also allowed her to change uniform as she said she will not wearing trousers anymore. Principal also allowed her to grow hair and help her to registered with the CBSE board as a transgender. Naina after surgery is expected to leave for abroad for further studies.

Mishi said that it was not easy as her friend in party and kids at school used to ask that Krishna is wearing a girl’s uniform. She said that people used to stare at Naina’s painted nails.

However, Mishi said that no one in the family was shocked.