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Who killed my father, if Salman Khan is innocent? Firoz son of Noorullah Khan

Mumbai: The Bombay High Court pronounced verdict in the 13-year-old case on Thursday. He was acquitted from all the charges against him.

The Court’s verdict has left several unanswered questions for Firoz Shaikh the son of Noorullah Khan, who was crushed to death by Salman’s car in September 2002.

Almost 13 years of investigations and court proceedings, Shaikh still doesn’t know that who killed his father.

According to a news published in the Huffington Post Shaikh, himself a fan of Salman’s movies, has not issues with the actor getting acquitted but he wants to know if Samlan is innocent then who killed his father. “I forgive Salman but I want to know who actually killed my father,” says Shaikh.

“For me the question that who killed my father still remains same even after 13 years. I am yet get an answer for that,” added Shaikh.

Shaikh, now 25, had to quit studies to support his family after his father’s death in 2002.

Salman Khan was acquitted on Thursday by the Bombay High Court of all charges in the 2002 accident that killed a pavement dweller.

Delivering the much-awaited verdict in a courtroom packed with journalists, Bollywood personalities and lawyers, Justice AR Joshi said the actor “cannot be convicted” on the basis of the evidences produced by the prosecution in the 13-year-old case and trial.

Accordingly, Salman`s conviction and five-year jail term on charges of – among others – “culpable homicide not amounting to murder” has been quashed and set aside by the court.