Saturday , May 27 2017
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Kenyan Christians saved by Muslims in Mandera bus attack

Kenyan Christians have been saved from Islamist gunmen by Muslims while they were travelling by bus from the capital Nairobi to the town of Mandera. The Muslims refused to split from them when their bus was ambushed by the militants.

A local governor told Kenyan media that. They said the militants “to kill them together or leave them alone.”

At least two people killed and three were injured in the attack, when a bus travelling from Nairobi to Mandera was attacked by Somali based Al-Shabaab militants.

Al-Shabaab’s deadly attack in Kenya killed 148 people including four gunmen at Garissa University on April 2, the militants who stalked classrooms single out Christians and executed them mercilessly while freeing many Muslims.

Similar incident took place last year, where a bus was attacked near Mandera by al-Shabab militants, who killed 36 non-Muslims travelling to Nairobi for Christmas celebrations.

Mandera governor Ali Roba told Kenya’s private Daily Nation newspaper.”The locals showed a sense of patriotism and belonging to each other.” He said “This forced the militants to leave in a hurry fearing retaliation by residents from nearby villages.”

One of the passenger was shot dead while he tried to run away.

Since Kenyan forces entered Somalia in October 2011 in an effort to crush the militants. Al-Shabab has been at war with Kenya.