Sunday , May 28 2017
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KCR has turned Telangana into saffron State: MBT

Majlis Bachao Tahreek (MBT) has accused Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao of turning Telangana into a saffron State.

In a media statement, MBT leader Amjed Ullah Khan strongly criticised KCR for conducting ‘Ayutha Chandi Maha Yagnam’ in the capacity of Telangana Chief Minister. “Although KCR is free to practice his religion and beliefs on individual basis, as the Chief Minister of a State, he has no moral right to conduct a ritual that involves official machinery. Entire State administration was at halt for five days since December 23. All ministers, senior officials and thousands of policemen were deployed for Yagnam duty. By conducting the Yagnam, KCR has tried to prove that he was the most devout Hindu Chief Minister in the country,” he said.

Amjed Ullah Khan also demanded KCR to release a White Paper on the expenses incurred on the Yagnam. “Expenses incurred on KCR’s visits to Delhi, Vijayawada and other places to invite leaders for the Yagnam should also be included in the same. Further, KCR should reimburse five-day salaries for all policemen and officials who were deployed on Yagnam duty at Erravelli. The Chief Minister, ministers and legislators should not claim five-day salary and perks as they participated in a personal activity. Telangana State belongs to people of all religions and tax payer’s money is not meant to be spent on conducting religious rituals by a few individuals,” he said.

The MBT leader condemned the Chief Minister for spending crores of rupees on conducting Yagnam while ignoring the plight of poor farmers who have been committing suicide. He also criticised the leaders of other opposition parties for remaining silent on the misuse of public money. Instead, he said many leaders of main opposition parties, participated in the Yagnam.

Amjed Ullah Khan said KCR has been pursuing the agenda of Sangh Parivar and Saffron forces since he took over as the Chief Minister. By conducting the ‘Ayutha Maha Chandi Yagnam’ he has tried to push Telangana into the saffron belt. Now different Saffron parties will conduct Yagnas and other events in order to intensify their drive for polarisation of India, he alleged. (INN)