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KCR approves proposal for collaborative research on Reforestation of ROFR

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao has approved a proposal for Collaborative Research on Reforestation of ROFR (Recognition of Forest Rights) lands submitted by the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests P K Sharma on Tuesday.

As part of this, Government of Telangana through Department of Forests, proposes to promote planting of trees by the individuals and Communities in these lands as most of these lands are not having irrigation facilities and are poor in fertility and productivity. This is with a view to bring these lands under tree cover and as part of the Haritha Haram project to increase the tree cover in the State from 24% to 33%.

For the above purpose, a site admeasuring approximately 40 hectares will be set apart at Mulugu forest in Medak District. The above exercise will be taken up jointly as a “Collaborative Research Project” between the Forest Department and Horticulture Department of Telangana Government.

The Scheduled Tribes and other Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act, 2006 has been implemented in the State with effect from 1stof January 2008. The Tribal Welfare Department is the Nodal Agency for implementation of this Act. Two types of rights have been recognized under this Act, viz., Individual Rights and Community Rights. Individual rights have been recognized in favour of 96,238persons belonging to Scheduled Tribes with an extent of 3,13,912 acres (1,27,118 Ha.,) of forest lands and Community Rights have been recognized in favour of 744 Communities for an extent of 5,30,082 acres of forest land.

As per the proposal forest department will take up research in a collaborative mode with the Horticulture University and take up experiments with different types of Horticulture, Silviculture and Agriculture species so as to improve the economic status of the individuals and communities in general and also to maximize and harness the productivity of these lands. The collaborative research would help increase the productivity of lands by choosing the right tree species in proper combination.

The possible combination of models proposed for this collaborative approach are: Agri-Silviculture models (Tree and agriculture crops); Agri-Horticulture Models (Agriculture Crops and Fruit crop models); Silvi-Horticulture Models (Tree and Fruit crop models); Agri-Silvi-Horticulture Models (Crop, Tree and Fruit crop models); Silvi-Hortipasture (Trees, Fruitcrops and Fodder crop models) and Agri-Silvi pasture (Crop and Fodder crop models).

The Project will comprise of Research Plots/Demonstration field school for Tribal farmers who are cultivating mostly Horticulture crops in ROFR lands and a Training facilities for imparting training to the RoFR right holders. The Research facility will also provide Demonstration Plots for the individual right holders as well as communities in general. This will also act as Technology dissemination Centre and help alleviate the poverty and improve the economic status of the people.

Special Secretary to CM K Bhoopal Reddy and Priyanka Verghese were present when the proposal was submitted and finalized in the Camp Office this evening by the Chief Minister. (INN)