Friday , May 26 2017
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KCR is adamant to dismantle Osmania General Hospital

Hyderabad: CM of Telangana State, Mr. K. Chandrasekhara Roa refuse to meet voluntary organizations committed to preservation of heritage buildings. It is understood that CM is irritated at the ongoing campaign against the demolition of OGH. He has instructed Health Minister, Mr. K. Lakshma Reddy to accelerate the process of shifting of patients from OGH to various hospitals. The officials of Health Department are busy day and night in shifting of patients.


It is understood that a former Superintendent of OGH  had also sought an appointement with the CM but he was not given time. He is against the demolition of OGH. He believes that if adequate repairs are undertaken, it could be made stronger. The experts of building preservation opine that the officials who are giving reports about the poor condition of the building are against realities. Meanwhile, some TRS leaders proposed to convene a meeting with the experts and political leaders to elicit the opinion about OGH but sensing the adamant attitude of CM, this proposal was withdrawn. Health Minister, Mr. Lakshma Reddy told the party leaders that Mr. KCR is not prepared to listen to any adverse opinion about the demolition of OGH. He wants that OGH should be vacated within a week so that permission could be sought from Department of Archeology and High Court for the demolition of OGH. Doctors of OGH are divided on the issue of shifting of the hospital. A section of OGH doctors is against the demolition of OGH and shifting of patients. They opined that if the building is renovated by spending Rs. 10 crore, OGH could continue to serve the patients for another 100 years. The voluntary organizations which are against the demolition of OGH have asked the CM where is he going to pool up money for the construction of new OGH. It is understood that Govt. of Telangana has decided to dispose of Govt. lands situated at Banjara Hills which would fetch Rs. 600 crore.



–Siasat News