Friday , July 28 2017
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Kashmir Round Table decided to moves forward on two planks

New Delhi: Centre for Policy Analysis conducted a Round Table conference basically intends to bring together an extended group from both Jammu and Kashmir and Delhi.

The meeting was especially concerned about the increasing efforts to communalise the state. These have to be resisted together by civil and political society not just in Jammu and Kashmir but in India.

The meeting accepted:

1. No abrogation of Article 35(A), Article 370 and instead measures should be taken to strengthen and implement these on the ground.

2. Removal of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, and the Public Safety Act as the first steps towards the demilitarisation of Jammu and Kashmir. The Army should be restricted to the external borders of the state.

3. Political parties should stop playing with the sentiments of the Kashmiri pandits and the central government should pay for the land and construction of houses for them in Jammu and Kashmir, as composite settlements and not segregated colonies which fly in the face of Kashmiriyat.

It has thus been decided to move forward on two planks:

First, a People to People Dialogue with Pakistan that of course given the visa restrictions will be more difficult, but still achievable with effort and coordination with other similar groups working on peace.

Secondly, an institutionalised dialogue between civil and political society in Jammu and Kashmir and the other states that the Centre for Policy Analysis is committed to ensure. Several such rounds—between women, youth, politicians, intellectuals— have already taken place in Kashmir as well as New Delhi. But it was decided to make this a regular and consistent effort.

CPA is working on a political meeting on Jammu and Kashmir in Delhi very soon. This will be followed by a dialogue on the resettlement of Kashmir Pandits.