Saturday , December 3 2016
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Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah slams BJP leader K S Eshwarappa


Bengaluru :Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah today slammed BJP leader K S Eshwarappa for his comments over his son’s alleged involvement in illegal sand mining in the state and said that he would “hang” his son if allegations are proved right.

“Let him prove….he just cannot talk as he wish. I haven’t seen people indulging in such cheap talks in my life time,” Siddaramaiah told reporters here, hitting back at BJP leader K S Eshwarappa.

“If my son or Mahadevappa’s (Public works minister) son is involved in illegal sand mining, we will hang them,” he added.

Siddaramaiah described BJP leaders as “most irresponsible and useless lot.”

Eshwarappa, who is Leader of Opposition in the Legislative Council had yesterday alleged that Siddaramaiah’s son and Public Works Minister H C Mahadevappa’s son were involved in illegal sand mining in Mysuru.

“…..officials told me that influential politicians are behind it, we are unable to do any thing. Today it has to become clear- who those influential politicians are- is it Mahadevappa’s son who is looting? Is it Siddaramaiah’s son who is looting? Who is looting?” he had said at the ‘Rita Chitanya Yatre’ rally here.