Saturday , May 27 2017
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JK Rowling’s ‘bush-trimming’ blamed for traffic ‘chaos’

London, July 23 (ANI): J.K. Rowling is now being blamed for a four day traffic disruption outside her Edinburgh house while having her Leylandii bush trimmed back.

Tabloid media revealed that the road outside the 49-year-old author’s house was cut down to one lane as temporary traffic lights were being set up to enable gardeners in cutting the 30 feet bushes, reported the Mirror.

The work not only jammed the traffic but also raged the author’s neighbours.

Talking about the issue, one of her neighbour said that it was taking ages for them to cut the bush back as the gardeners have been here for three days and have finished the front of the garden only.

Meanwhile, the other said that it was a chaos around there as the lights were taking too long to change, especially on the side roads and causing a long queue. (ANI)