Tuesday , July 25 2017
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Jazz up in flares, florals for fall

New Delhi: Say goodbye to streamlined silhouettes and embrace flares; try velvet material and use neon colours, to add oomph to your look in autumn season, says an expert.

Divya Sisodia, creative head and fashion stylist at VioletStreet.com, an online shopping destination, has shared tips:

* Flares: Say bye to streamlined silhouettes and embrace flares this autumn. The 70s are totally back in vogue and so are flared pants that are perfect to make you look leggy and lissome. You can pair them up with high heels or wedges to get the perfect look.

* Statement earrings: The easiest way to make an eloquent style statement is with big, chunky earrings. Metallic discs, golden hoops or silvery flowers are all the rage on the international scene.

* Neons: Neons are your best bet to look enviably stylish in autumn, but remember to pair them with sophisticated neutral shades such as gray, brown or navy blue.

* Florals: So maybe it’s not exactly the season that makes flowers bloom all around but that shouldn’t stop you from looking your absolute vibrant best. Perhaps because contradictions are so cool in fashion, expect to see your favourite stores flooded with
floral shirts and jackets. Of course, the way to work florals for autumn is to choose
them in less ‘springy’ shades such as teal, brown or deep red.

* Velvet: As the weather gets cooler, velvet can be a superb way to infuse some glamour into your dresses, suits and capes. The rich material goes beautifully with
autumn-suited colours such as deep blue and emerald green.