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Jack Black was addicted to cocaine when he was 14

“Goosebumps” actor Jack Black has revealed that he had a dark past dealing with drugs when he was 14, four years after his parents divorced.

“I remember just lots of turmoil from that time period. I was having a lot of troubles with cocaine… I was hanging out with some pretty rough characters. I was scared to go to school (because) one of them wanted to kill me. I wanted to get out of there,” Black was quoted as saying by Parade magazine, reports

Jack’s parents enrolled him in Poseidon, a private school which was infamously known for “troubled youth”.

“Most of the other kids there were expelled from other schools, but I went voluntarily,” he said.

“It was a place to press the restart button.”

The 46-year-old actor felt like he had no one to turn to. He couldn’t tell his parents as he’s afraid if he would make them totally upset.

“Being raised a Jew, I didn’t have any kind of confessional. I couldn’t talk to my parents about the things that I was most guilty about,” he said.

“My dad loved me very much, but I needed someone who wasn’t judgmental at all, who wasn’t going to be disappointed with me.”