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ISON BPO opens nine more centers

Lagos, Nigeria, July 16:ISON BPO operating in call center outsourcing space that has over 7,000 employees across 12 countries including 10 in sub-Saharan Africa with 4,500 employees, has added nine more centers with 5,000 additional employees in the African region within the current year.

The four of these centers with additional 4,000 employees are being set up in Nigeria.

It currently employs 1,300 in Nigeria and 99 percent of its employees are local Nigerians. It also serves Airtel and AIICO as its key clients in Nigeria. It operates in African countries including Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and others.

The company has committed to set up four state-of-the-art facilities in Ibadan, Abeokuta and Ilorin. Kano is also being evaluated as an option. It plans to employ about 4000 employees in these call centers with an additional investment of $20 million this year. ISON BPO has top notch call center facilities including one in Ibadan and plans to recreate the same standards everywhere in Nigeria.

“Unlike most BPO and Tech services companies which take work and jobs to IP, we have pioneered reversing the trend by taking IP to the work without compromising on world-class quality. As part of our core strategy, we have invested in developing local systems and empowering local talent to foster a better future for the African continent. We do not outsource local work outside of Africa,” the founder and Chairman of ISON Group, Ramesh Awtaney said.

“Nigeria has a huge potential for growth and development, especially with the availability of strong, vibrant and talented workforce. One of our visions for Nigeria is to upskill the local human talent and develop it as an Offshore Call Center hub and also add significant value for our customers both internally and externally,” Global CEO of ISON BPO, Pravin Kumar said.

“It should not be difficult to create 25,000 jobs in 1 to 2 years in this space and generate export revenue of around 400 million dollars in this space. It can then, grow from there,” he added.

ISON is a group registered in Africa with presence in 25 Sub Saharan African countries.

The ISON Group offers BPO services through ISON BPO. The robust BPO services infrastructure is built on global delivery framework to deliver voice, non-voice and other knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) services through local presence and on-shore/remote support, leading to superior customer experience, highly satisfied customers and growth in business. (” target=”_blank”>ANI)