Monday , May 29 2017
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Islam stresses universal brotherhood: Shayk Ninowy

Well-known scholar of Islam from the US Shayk Muhammad bin Yahya Al Ninowy asked the Muslims and others today to go through the original sources of the religion _the Quran and tradition of the Prophet (PBUH) _ to dispel the unfounded beliefs that the faith was intolerant and advocates violence. “Islam addresses all people, not just the Muslims. It treats man as part of universal brotherhood,” he said.

Quoting widely from the Quran and the life of the Prophet (pbuh) Shayk Al Ninowy said that God has given command to people to follow justice and refrain from indecent acts, aggression and transgression. “It is the justice from where flows the concept of tolerance,” he said.

Delivering a special lecture on Islam and Tolerance, Shayk Ninowy who is on talking tour of India told the MANUU staff and students that the term raham (mercy) that is used to describe one of the main attributes of God also means womb of a mother. “A mother goes through pains and suffering during pregnancy and while delivering the baby. In return she does not cause any pain to the baby but gives him/her the best possible tolerance and treatment. When the Quran uses the term Rahman and Raheem, the derivatives of Raham, so many times how could there any other message than tolerance and accommodation for the people,” he asked.

Dr. Mohammad Aslam Parvaiz, Vice-Chancellor, in his presidential remarks asked the students to study the Holy Book carefully which exhorts for tolerance. “You have to approach Islam with an open mind and then you will find out what exactly the religion asks of you,” he said.

The lecture was organized by the Department of Arabic and The Quran Foundation, an NGO. Dr Alim Ashraf Jaisi welcomed the audience while Prof. Syed Mohammed Haseebuddin Quadri, Dean School Languages, Linguistics and Indology, introduced the guest. Mr. Mohammed Abdul Aleem, Research Scholar, conducted the programme.