Tuesday , May 30 2017
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Islam remain eternal in Germany: Angela Merkel

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in a speech at a Ramadan Iftar in Berlin said that there is no doubt that “It is obvious that Islam is a part of Germany” and will remain so.

Taking part in an official Iftar for the first time, hosted by Federal Integration member Aydan Ozoguz, at the presence of senior officials and clerics of different faiths and prominent figures in politics and society.

Calling for more inter-religious trust and respect for Islam in Germany, Merkel said she does not approve of discrimination against German Muslims and reiterated that it was not correct to hold suspicion against Muslims because of the actions of others.

Merkel said that “it is unfortunate that most of these acts are attributed to Islam.”

Merkel denounced violent acts against all places of worship saying, whether attacks took place in a “synagogue, a mosque or a church, all actions against places of worship, is regard as an act of violence to us all.