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(IPA) Writes to Prime Minister of India for permitting Pharmacists to Prescribe Medicine in India

Indian Pharmacist Association (IPA) is a national level association working for the welfare of pharmacy professionals and upliftment of Pharmaceutical Standards in India.
Mr. Abhay Kumar, National President, Indian Pharmacist Association has written a letter to Prime Minister of India. In his letter Mr. Abhay Kumar mentioned that the allopathic system of medicine has its origin from the western country and was introduced in our country during the British Empire in India. The concept and philosophy of Modern medicine has revolutionized with time in those countries but remained stagnant on the concept of role being played by the Pharmacist in India. Pharmacist have very vast and vital role in the health Sector, but in India it has been curtailed with dispensing of medicine only.

Non-availability of sufficient MBBS doctors are becoming a major hindrance in implementation of various health schemes and programmes in India and this has compelled the govt. for looking towards non – MBBS based cadre who can fill this gap especially in the rural areas.

Pharmacists have a large pool of health care professional with almost same academia as those of MBBS doctors or BAMS. In developed countries like United States, United Kingdom, Canada etc, the service and caliber of pharmacist is utilized as Prescribing Pharmacist where the pharmacist are authorized to prescribe medicine. This delegation of right to prescribe medicine has played a major role in uplifting the overall health status of these countries. In India Pharmacists in states like Punjab, UP, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh etc. already prescribing medicine to patients but are awaiting due recognition and appreciation.

Pharmacists are vastly available with qualification ranging from D. Pharma to Ph D. and are well trained in Pharmacology of Drugs and their uses, side effects, drug interaction etc. Job creation for pharmacists has been in a slow lane resulting in several students staying away from courses in pharmacy colleges across the country.

Here IPA would like to volunteer the Pharmacist for any such role to be played if the government entrusts to introduce non-doctor based cadre who can prescribe medicine in India. Permitting pharmacists to prescribe medicine will not require any amendment in act like Drugs and Cosmetic act, Pharmacy Act etc.
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