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Internationally acclaimed Hyderabadi heritage play ‘Spaces’ invited to prestigious Theatre Festival


Internationally acclaimed Hyderabadi heritage play ‘Spaces’ invited to prestigious Theatre Festival  Qadir Ali Baig Theatre Foundation’s Hyderabadi heritage play ‘Spaces’ that opened  in London and Istanbul to standing ovation, is invited as part of NCPA’s  entrestage

Theatre Festival 2015 on Tuesday, December 1st and at Bangalore’s Rangashankara on December 20th. The play was recently staged in town as part of the Qadir Ali Baig Theatre Festival.

Synopsis of the play:

‘Spaces’ is Qadir Ali Baig Theatre Foundation’s latest production in the true tradition of its Heritage Theatre. In a once-grandiose haveli in Hyderabad, Aziza, an artist is struggling to preserve her identity and cherished heritage against the modernising world all around her. A ‘conflict’ of the tradition and the modern between her and her software professional Chicago-based fiancé, Javed. Aziza finds herself up against almost everyone around her, having to face the tough choice- whether to hold on to her precious childhood memories or give up, let go and move on. ‘Spaces’ confronts a question that most of us ask ourselves in any ‘developing’ city or urban society globally: do we define our space or does our space

define us? If home is where the heart is, what does ‘home’ really mean– is it the four walls of a house or the deeper, metaphysical ‘space’ within us? And above all else, the role of the Divine in defining our destinies.

The play, written by Noor Baig and Mohammad Ali Baig, produced by Begum Razia Baig and is designed and directed by Padmashri Mohammad Ali Baig. It features veteran Hyderabad talent that includes Mohammad Ali Baig, Rashmi Seth, S.A. Majeed, Vijay Prasad, Madhu Swaminath and Noor Baig as the protagonist. The haunting soundtrack of


the play features vocals by Shubha Mudgal.