Sunday , August 20 2017
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Instead of playing politics, we must help flood victims, says Rahul

Puducherry: Urging one and all to stop playing politics, Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi, who is visiting the rain-hit areas of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry, said Tuesday that the need of the hour was to provide relief and aid to the affected.

“I came here to see what has happened with my own eyes. Wanted to meet people and assess the situation. It’s very important that instead of doing politics at this time, we should make sure people that of Puducherry and Tamil Nadu are given relief. Right now effort should be made to get as much help possible to these people,” he said while talking to reporters here.

Rahul was mobbed by his supporters and was showered with flower petals upon his arrival, as he slowly made his way through with his security trying to keep the mob at bay.

He distributed relief material to the victims and later in the day, he is also scheduled to visit neighbouring Cuddalore in Tamil Nadu.

Meanwhile, with the rains have stopped, Tamil Nadu and areas near it is now battling massive waterlogging issues. But relief operations have intensified and defence personnel are trying to evacuate as many people as possible while providing amenities to stranded people at the same time.(ANI)