Monday , May 29 2017
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Indigo bars entry to woman in short skirt

Mumbai: A woman passenger paid a huge price for ‘Inappropriate dressing’ as she was denied permission to fly in an IndiGo flight from Mumbai to New Delhi.

The incident took place on Monday where the members of the private airline found her dressing to be ‘indecent’. She was however, allowed to fly in the next flight after she changed to trousers and wore a “decent” outfit.

According to a report in The Indian Express, a fellow passenger, Purabi Das, who witnessed the incident, said that the woman was not ‘inappropriately dressed’. “While I was waiting for my connecting flight, I heard a commotion and found her (the woman passenger) crying. There were three IndiGo employees who had refused to let her board her flight. They said she was not wearing appropriate clothes,” said Das.

“Nobody raised any objection at the Doha airport. She was not indecently dressed. She was wearing a frock that ended above her knee,” added Das.

The airline acknowledged the incident and issued an official statement. Media reports quoted the management as saying, “We regret that an IndiGo passenger (who happens to be an ex IndiGo employee and a family member of a current employee) experienced an untoward behaviour at the Mumbai airport…”

“As per the guidelines outlined, employees and the nominated family members are required to maintain a specific dress code, as and when they fly with the airline under the staff leisure travel privileges. Keeping in mind this policy, the Mumbai ground staff followed the protocol to brief this passenger on the dress code policy,” the statement added.