Saturday , July 22 2017
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India’s contribution for world peace remarkable: Somali President

President of Somalia Hasan Shaikh Mohammed has announced to extend full cooperation to India to achieve world peace and combat terrorism. Addressing a conference entitled ‘World peace and justice and combating with terrorism’ in Hotel Taj palace, Delhi. Union labour minister Bandaru Dattatreya, former union minister Mr. K Rahman Khan, CPM MP Mr. Mohammed Saleem, Telangana Home Minister Mr. N Narsimha Reddy, leader of apposition in Telangana Legislative Council Mr. Mohammed Ali Shabbir, Mr. Amer Ali Khan news editor Siasat and others were present on the occasion. President India Arab Friendship Foundation Mr. Mohammed Shabbir Husain (Jaber Patel) presided over the conference.

President of Somalia asserted that India’s role in maintaining world peace was remarkable. ‘Terrorism is a threat to the humanity, hence Somalia completely supports India’s efforts to deal with the threat and will provide every possible support, he said. He felt that terrorism was the result of social, political and economic injustices. He claimed that Somalia was fast developing ever since justice was meted out towards every segment of population. He further told that terrorism neither belonged to any country nor it was associated with any religion.

Union minister Mr. Bandaru Dattatreya said ‘development is not possible without peace. Terrorism does not belong to any country or religion. The need of the hour is to deal it with an iron hand.’ He further asserted ‘Hindu and Muslims are the two eyes of India. India has maintained good relations with gulf countries since the beginning.’

News editor Siasat Mr. Amer Ali Khan told that by linking terrorism with Islam, wrong message was conveyed against Muslims in the entire world; while the fact was Islam had nothing to do with terrorism nor it permitted violence. It is a general notion that ‘not all Muslims are terrorists but, all terrorists are Muslims’. However if we look at the world scenario a handful of elements belonging to all religions are involved in terrorism. But ignoring all other religions only Muslims are blamed, he added. He claimed that Muslims were peace loving citizens and it was also equally true that injustice had been done towards Muslims in the entire world including India. Their rights were violated. This issue also needed to be pondered upon and all injustices must be redressed.

Mr. Amer Ali Khan congratulated Jaber Patel for holding a conference on such an important issue and hoped that the conference would be helpful in eliminating injustices and terrorism.

Mr. Sirajuddin Quraishi, Chairman India Islamic Cultural Centre, Dr. Fakhruddin (Mesco), Dr. Rafi, Mr. Khaleequr Rahman, Dilawar Patel, Saber Patel, Salman Irfan, Sameena Shafeeq, Ateeq Siddiqui, Yemen ambassador Mr. Jameel Abdullah, ambassadors of various countries and other officials attended the conference.

Mohammed Nayeem Wajahat