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Indianised education system may tackle intolerance: Satyarthi

Bengaluru :Terming the problem of intolerance a global phenomena, the 2014 Nobel Peace Laureate Kailash Satyarthi today said Indianising the education system could be a solution to tackle it in the country.

“One of the solutions to tackle intolerance is that India should evolve its own Indianised education and domesticated education system,” he told PTI here.

To a query on whether introduction of teachings of Hindu scripture Gita in Indian educational system could lead one section of ideological thinkers to raise a bogey against it, he said, “When you single out one, then the problem begins.

“We have to be open to include every good teaching from all the books. Yes Bhagavad Gita also, why not (it should be taught?) Bhagavad Gita has a great philosophy, and there are many more books, not just one,” he said.

Earlier, addressing a meet-the-press programme organised by the Bengaluru Press Club, Satyarthi said intolerance “is not only the problem of India, but is a global phenomena”.

On being asked whether he would hold the state or central government responsible for instances of intolerance, he said he was not a politician and would stay away from any debate.

“I want to find long-term sustainable solutions for the entire generation,” he said.

“I strongly feel we have to resolve the issues of terrorism, insurgency and fundamentalism, with deeper sense of compassion,” he said.

The Nobel laureate said: “The discussion (on evolving Indianised education system) is going on and hopefully sooner than later, we will have our own strong education policy which will respect pluralism, harmony and different ideologies and opinions, which will bring together all sections of society, and that is the beauty of India,” he said.

In this endeavor to inculcate the values of tolerance, Satyarthi said he wanted to engage 100 million young people to be fearless and be responsible and caring for each other, globally. “This will happen,” he added.