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Hindustan is for Hindu , Says Assam Governor

Guwahati, Nov.22 : Sparking off another controversy, Assam Governor P.B. Acharya on Sunday said Indian Muslims are free to go to Pakistan or anywhere if they feel they are being persecuted in India.

“Indian Muslims are free to go anywhere. They can stay here like those who are staying here. Many of them have gone to Pakistan. If one wants to go Pakistan or Bangladesh, he is free to go. If he is persecuted like Tasleema Nasreen, she also came here,” Acharya said at a press conference here.

However, he insisted that India is a big hearted country and everyone is welcome here.

“We will give a safe haven to anyone and everyone. India is a big hearted country. India is the most tolerant country in the world,” he added.

The Assam governor on Saturday had said that ‘Hindustan is for Hindus’ and that the name of a single Bangladeshi should not be in the updating of the National Register for Citizens (NRC).

During a book launch, Acharya’s comment came in reply to a question on updating the NRC list and on the controversy surrounding the Centre’s notification of allowing religious minorities from Pakistan and Bangladesh fleeing persecution to seek shelter in India.

“Hindustan is for Hindus. There is nothing wrong with that. Hindus from different countries can stay here. They cannot be outsiders. There is nothing to be feared about that. But how to accommodate them is a big question and we should think about that,” he said. (ANI)