Monday , July 24 2017
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Indian man dragged by driver in US

New York: An Indian attendant at a gas station in the US was injured when he was dragged by a car after the driver allegedly tried to steal cash from him.

Rashpal Singh was dragged 35 feet from the gas station in the evening of August 15. The incident was captured on surveillance video at the gas station in New Jersey’s Middletown.

His life was saved because the apron he was wearing, which had cash in it, ripped, a report in CBS New York said.

Singh, who had come to the US from India four years ago, resumed his work at the gas station days later after sustaining minor injuries to his knees and hands.

The attack happened when Singh had just finished pumping gas for a motorist who had asked for fuel, police said.

Singh went up to the driver to get paid.

At that point, the driver was seen grabbing him by the apron, filled with USD 1,500 in cash, and pulled him along the pavement until the apron tore and Singh crashed to the ground.

Singh said the suspect bought USD 6 worth of gas, and when he reached into his pocket to give him back the change, the suspect grabbed him from the side.

The police has released the surveillance video hoping to get the public’s help in locating the vehicle and the suspect.