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Indian activist’s ‘Anaconda’ parody against Hindustan Unilever grabs 2m views

London, Aug. 11 : With almost two million views, it looks like Indian activist Sofia Ashraf’s parody rap video against Hindustan Unilever titled ‘Kodaikanal Won’t’ has pulled in a lot of veiwers.

The video that was modelled on Nikki Minaj’s hit song ‘ Anaconda’ called out to the corporate giant for allegedly dumping toxic waste in the soil and the water in Kodaikanal, a city in southern India, reported the BBC.

Responding to the video, the company has issued a statement saying that safety is its number one priority and that studies showed there had been no adverse impact on Kodaikanal’s environment, except in some of the factory premises.

Talking about creating a rap video on the issue, the social activist said that social media had the power to add much-needed global voices to the campaign but she never dreamed that Minaj would actually respond to her video.

She added that she used the 32-year-old singer’s song so that her video gets notice but the shout out by the pop star on the video ensured that media outlets and social media brings the issue in spotlight.

In her video, the activist has alleged that a thermometer factory belonging to Hindustan Unilever has dumped mercury waste, polluting local water supplies and the soil but these claims have been denied by the corporate giant. (ANI)