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India is more sick than Narendra Modi because of virulent Bhagwa Terror Organizations (BTOs)

By Naushad Ali, MM News,

Indian Muslims are in an illusion that there is just one Narendra Modi, (PM of India) directing all of the nasty things and then keeping quiet as if nothing has happens. There is no doubt that the Indian media are ‘keeps’ of Modi Enterprise barring a few reporters like Ravish Kumar. No, No, No. If you see the historical perspective of current events, there are crystal clear examples which will raise curtains from your eyes. In fact, if you point out shortcomings of Modi administration, the members of BTOs and self-styled champions of Hindutva will flock on you just like fleas on feces. The most dangerous problem right now, are the BTOs instilling poison and hatred against minorities and dalits.

For me, the best thing is to avoid talking about issues in the name of Hindus and Muslims and start talking just about Indian citizens and Indian people alone. I am recognized as a person of Indian origin, regardless of my religion. However BTOs do not recognize this concept. India exists only in the name of Hindutva of their brand as Islam exists only as ISIS brand elsewhere. If we keep silence at this point, we will be part of disasters going on or worst disasters stemming up to happen for future of India. Here are a few reasons that has surfaced clearly:

First, the ministers, IAS/IPS/law enforcement officers, justices, administrators, business tycoons, local leaders and foreigners of Indian origins, have all become a part of BTOs like RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal, BJP, AVBP, etc. The current Indian government is reporting its progress to the BTO’s annual meeting instead of directly to the Indian citizens. So far, RSS has successfully installed two of its prime ministers, Vajpayee (a little moderate face) and Narendra Modi (known for promoting Muslim Carnage in Gujarat). This combined RSS and Hindu intelligentsia had a special meeting recently to analyze their past performance and frame their next plan of action. Of course, there is a large portion of the Hindu populace and intelligentsia against BTO’s daily insanity. Some of them are opportunists like the father-son duo Akhilesh -Mulayam Yadavs. Others have raised genuine concerns, fought against injustice, and protected minorities and their rights. In fact they are much better than some sold-out leaders with Muslim names such as M. K. Chisti, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, Shahnawaz Husain, Najma Hepullah, and more.

Second, RSS-BJP has successfully degraded legacy of Gandhi-Nehru establishment and overall congress influence. People take the Rahul and Sonia Gandhi leadership lightly for the son-mother duo have not created space for alternative leadership. So the check and balance power for BJP is nearly eroded. The leadership in regional parties of Hindi belt have indirectly elevated the status of BJP by their support when opportunity arose. Nitish kumar and Yadavs.

Third, the Modi government gave free hands for its agent to begin systematically making the environment inhabitable for Muslims. The Muzaffarnagar riot and recent lynching of innocent Muslims in Dadri are prime examples. This has forced to create the segregation, the enforced separation of different racial groups in a country, of the Muslim and Hindu society instead of integration or maintaining their integration with each other. In future, Muslim muhallas and population will be localized in marked areas where employment and poverty will be skyrocket by man-made policy of successive BTO government, state or central. Their sewage system will be ignored by municipality, schools and hospital (education and health system) will be literally absent and population will rise because of poverty. A net result will be that Muslims will become second class citizens. This is a historically proven fact that you can see in black and white population of America or Europe. In USA, the African American (black population) have risen because of mass movement by Malcom X, Martin Luther King and many others. Indian Muslims have to read black history of America in conjunction with their own rich history how they ruled Indian subcontinent for such a long time.

Forth, Modi and BTOs have already tested Indian Muslims’ will power by spreading false concept of Love Jihad, Ghar Wapsi, forced religious conversion, daily threat, harassing and killing Muslims for cow protection, prohibition of free choice of religion. The officers who are supposed to protect you are threatening not to raise your voice against BTOs, culprits, Babas.

You can keep digging more of such episodes day and night and there is no lack of evidence. Inaction and silence against such brutality will make India vulnerable to division. Yes, division starts in society within hearts and minds of people that later creates borders. Indian Muslim responses so far have been cool, calm, non-violent. Nonetheless the undercurrent will boil someday. The Muslim political leadership such as AIMIM, Parcham party, Jaamaat and Ulemas, and others, at various places are in primitive stage. They are not at a level strong enough to be as powerful as Muslim League of 1906 with one goal: Muslim’s rights and liberty and their sustenance in future. This time, they must form such union league in a free Indian Empire with pure Indian demand. Love India, Live India.

At the end, I want to tell Modi/BTOs with my voice:

Agar Khoon Mein Is Qaum Ko Nahlao ge
Lahoo Ke Darya mein Tum Bhi Doob Jao ge



–Courtesy “Muslim Mirror”