Thursday , May 25 2017


After developing various versions of BRAHMOS Supersonic Cruise Missile now the country is concentrating on hypersonic reusable cruise missile first of its kind in the world, announced by BrahMos Aerospace Founder, ISRO Hon’ Distinguished Professor, Former Chief Controller (R&D), DRDO Dr.A.Sivathanu Pillai here at GITAM University on Saturday. He said that the idea of reusable cruise missile development was taken from Mahabharatha particularly lord Krishna ever-moving sudharshan chakra. Like Sudharshan Chakra we want make a faster hypersonic cruise missile which destroys the target with pin point accuracy and flies back to the base for re-use, multiple times, he added.

Dr.Sivathanu Pillai received the GITAM Foundation Award from GITAM President Dr.MVVSMurhi during GITAM University 35th Foundation Day Celebrations held in Visakhapatnam GITAM Campus.

While addressing the students and faculty Dr.Sivathanu Pillai said that Dr. Kalam wanted to convert the SLV-3 into a missile, but Prof. Dhawan, the Chairman of ISRO wanted to keep ISRO away from missile development as it might affect the international cooperation that ISRO had with many countries. Dr. Kalam’s mind was always revolving around developing a re-entry class of missile, Indeed he did that, after successful SLV-3 mission and at DRDO, Dr.Pillai briefed the thoughts behind reusable cruise missile.

Dr.Sivathanu Pillai said that the growth of the technology level in advanced areas closer to the developed countries made India a nation of Strength, as Strength respects Strength. He mentioned that Thus, BRAHMOS has established a global leadership for India, breaking the sixth country syndrome.

He suggested that IndianUniversities and educational systems should create two cadres of personnel particularly creating a global cadre of skilled youth with specific knowledge of special skills and another global cadre of youth focusing on research and innovation. These two cadres could be utilized not only for powering the manufacturing and services sectors of India but also will be available for fulfilling the human resource requirements of various countries, he added.

GITAM President MVVS Murthi, Vice-President Prof.M.Gangadhra Rao, Pro Vice-Chancellor Prof.D.Harinarayana, Registrar Prof.M.Potharaju, UGC Affairs Director Prof.CH.Ramakrishna and others participated in the program.

The University also presented the Best Teacher Awards to Dr.MRSSatyanarayana, Dr.K.Manjusree Naidu, Dr.R.Ventakateswarlu, Dr.M.V.Lakshmi, Dr.M.Rama Rao, Dr.L.Srinivas, Dr.K.Mohan, Dr.B.Nalini and Best Supporting Staff Awards to T.Sridhar, O.Tata Rao, Shaik Hussain through the hands of Dr.Sivathanu Pillai. (NSS)