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Independence Day special:Cashew Burfi


Cashew Nuts 3 cups

Milk 1-1 cup
Sugar 1 cup
Orange Crush ½ cup
Orange Colour (as needed)
Green Colour (as needed)
Salt and Pepper to taste


Boil the Cashew Nuts in Water once, remove the Water and drain the Nuts.
Grind 2/3 of the Nuts with the Sugar and Milk to a fine Past, divide the Past in 2 Parts and colour one part with the Green Colour, leave the other part white.
The remaining 1/3 of Nuts grind fine with the Orange Crush to a fine Paste.
Line a Tray with Cling Film. In a Pan or Khadai roast the Green paste on medium heat till it is getting firm and dough consistency and spread out to the place film and to a finger thick layer. Proceed the same with the White and then the Orange , layering on each other to form the Flag. Cover with Film and let cool down in Fridge.