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I’m not married, have no kids: Geeta

New Delhi, Oct. 26 : Brushing aside all reports that Geeta, who returned from Pakistan today, was married with children, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on Monday said that the news was false as she had denied the same.

“She denied all charges immediately. She said that when she went to Pakistan, she was just a little girl so there was no chance that she could have been married,” Swaraj told the media here.

According to Geeta’s interpreter, she often felt sad when she was living in Pakistan and showed the eagerness to return to her homeland.

“I’ve been told that when Geeta was in Pakistan, sometimes she would often fight because she was so upset. But she has been smiling ever since she has come home and that indicates how she really feels at the moment,” Swaraj added. (ANI)