Sunday , May 28 2017
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IKFS asks OIC To protect Chinese Muslims and stop banning of Fasting in Ramdan

Indo-Kuwait Friendship Society, a non-profit socio-cultural Indian association in Kuwait has asked Organization of Islamic Countries to intervene with Chinese’s Government to protect Muslims in China and allowing their Religious right such as fasting in Ramadan

IKFS understands that China ’s official atheist government has banned religious activity within the government for years, but such restrictions have led some in the community to impose the ban on the Muslim population at Uyghur, Kashgar and Normal Colleges. IKFS said in a statement that ” You Chinese cannot stop Muslim People for fasting. This is not a terrorist act, this is the act Muslim people are compulsory to do as per Islamic ordinance. But it is not showing any friction or ethnic tension as official Atheist Chinese Fasting the month of Ramadan is an obligation and a great worship. It is among the best acts of obedience and greatest deeds, and one for which there is great reward.

If Uighur Muslims fast what ethnic tension you get? IKFS advocates that the ban should not continue to exacerbate growing ethnic tensions in the country between the predominant Han Chinese and Uighur Muslims. “Policies that prohibit religious fasting are a provocation and will only lead to instability and conflict. We want OIC’s immediate intervention to protect Chinese Muslims and stop banning order by Chinese Government and allow Fasting by Muslims. China should respect all the minority people’s religious rights in China. IKFS added.