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IIT students have a ‘don’t stop believing’ moment with Zuckerberg

New Delhi, Oct. 28 : Mark Zuckerberg is not just a celebrated visionary for the students of the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi, but someone in whom they see themselves .The Facebook CEO proved just that today when he told the packed auditorium full of young future innovators that ‘you need to keep going despite the challenges’.

“I created Facebook simply because I wanted to connect with the people in my school. I never imagined what it could grow into. Didn’t even think that we as college kids could do something like that,” Zuckerberg said during the Question and Answer session at the institute here today.

The general atmosphere among the students before meeting the Facebook CEO was more of an excited curiosity rather than being star-struck. To many of them, it was an opportunity to get some insight into the mind of the man who had created a revolution, while still in college.

“It was as if he was one of us. Telling us that obstacles are inevitable in our endeavors was motivating coming from such a person. It made me even more determined to pursue my future plans,” said Avneesh, a third-year student at IIT.

Zuckerberg told the kids that reality will be with them at every step telling them it’s not going to work, but the challenge would be to push past it and learning from the negativity to succeed.

For the students, it was wonderful to see him have a human moment when he admitted to making countless mistakes in his journey to make Facebook a success.

“No matter what you do, you’re going to make a ton of mistakes. I have made every possible mistake one can make, but that’s how it works. It’s all about trial and error. Don’t focus on the mistakes you should avoid, but on what drives you. It will be what will help you power through a crisis,” Zuckerberg said to a roaring applause.

The 31-year old innovator reminded everyone the power of team work and how it helped when it came to creating something.

“There are thousands of people who are behind creating something. It’s not one person. That’s why we have co-founders. Companies with co-founders tend to be more successful. You must always remember that it’s a team. There are days when I can’t think what to do next, and that’s where my team comes in,” Zuckerberg said.

More than hearing him talk about his future plans and upcoming innovations, the part inspiring them to be fearless in their pursuits was soaked up by every student in the auditorium.

His reminder that at the end of the day ‘we were all human and no one is perfect’ was probably the most relatable message the IIT students could have gotten from him. (ANI)