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“I am Kalam”- a tale enthused by the maverick leader

This movie reminds us of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam-the former President of India with his charming personality and an inimitable kind demeanours, was a still source of inspiration to million.

The movie “I am Kalam” is a tale enthused by the maverick leader.

In this movie, Chotu, a poor kid is seen with a million dollar smile. He is very sharp in studies and passionated. But his mother can’t afford to send him to school.

Therefore, Chotu spends his childhood by working in one of the tea stall for the living.

One day, as usual while he was on duty, he listened APJ Kalam speech on television with much attention. After listening to a speech by Dr kalam, Chotu changes his own name to Kalam and starts working towards his dream of becoming a rich man one day.

A local prince Ranvijay Singh, who hails from a royal family befriends with Chotu and the two kids become the best of friend and start helping each other’s. His friend teaches Kalam English whereas kalam teaches him Hindi, warming story about friendship perseverance and perusing dreams.

Director Nila Madhab shows in an absolutely non- preach way that dreams do come true, and its work hard “karam” not “destiny” that helps in fulfilling ones dream.

The film stars off on a light hearted note and it doesn’t take much time, watch out hilarious Chudail sequence. He takes obstacles in his stride to achieve his goals which is very moving even the bond that he shares with Ranvijay is very ending.

On the filipside, it does get a little too somber towards the end. And Bhatis love track with luice has little to do with central theme of the film.

I am supremely impressed by “I Am Kalam” if every child see dream that he will become “kalam” than automatically his or her dream come true which this film made with lot of sorrow for its poignant story telling and incredible performance.

(Syeda Iram, a student of St Francis College)