Sunday , July 23 2017
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Hyderabadi Software engineers abduct businessman for ‘non-payment’; held

Jaipur: Police today arrested two Hyderabad- based software engineers for abducting a 25-year-old local businessman, who they alleged had engaged them for designing a website but later refused their payment worth Rs 10 lakh.

Sanjay Singh was on his way to home from his showroom in Mansarover area in Jaipur late last night when the engineer duo abducted him in their SUV and sped away towards Ajmer, Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police Yogesh Goyal said.

“The accused, Shaukat Chakravarty and Srikant, called up Sanjay’s father and demanded a ransom of Rs 35 lakh.

“On the basis of their mobile phone location, they were chased by police and were caught near Mangaliawas in Ajmer in the wee hours today,” Goyal said.

Singh was rescued and the accused, software engineers based in Hyderabad, were arrested, the officer added.

“Five walkie talkie, one yellow beacon fitted SUV and one dummy pistol were seized from the possession of the accused, who abducted Singh to recover money they had been demanding for designing a website.

Stating that Sanjay’s father, Vikram Singh, has criminal records and has been involved in frauds, Goyal added, “the accused said the father-son duo had engaged them to design a website to conduct illegal transfer of money and later refused to give payment amounting Rs 10 lakh therefore they planned the kidnap.”

The officer said Sanjay Singh and his father Vikram Singh have rejected the claim by the accused.

“The matter is being investigated,” he added.