Sunday , May 28 2017
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64-year-old eve teaser caught in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Eve teasing in city is becoming quite common. Both teenage girls and women often stalk by men.

It is a general assumption that mostly youngsters are involved in such cases but, shockingly, a lot of men above the age of 60 are being caught eve-teasing nowadays in city.

An incident happened on Thursday at Kukatpally bus stop, where in a 34-year-old woman who was waiting in the bus stop was stalked by an old man aged 64 was standing beside her. As she was alone, the man started teasing her saying, “Shall we go for a movie? My wife is not at home……”.

However few women standing a few meters away filmed the scene, and informed the She Team.

Police took the old man into custody. It turned out the woman who was being eve-teased was a constable of the ‘She Team’ which was formed exclusively for the safety of women in Hyderabad.

Later, the arrested eve-teasers who are aged 64 years and above are being counselled by the police. It is said that in most of the cases, few accepts their mistakes but the rest don’t accept that they have committed a mistake. Many thinks isn’t wrong to tease, stalk or trouble a woman or girl and these antics are ‘acceptable’ in our society.

Eve teasing very common and entertaining in movies, but the experience is a nightmare for women in real life. Such situation is the plight of every girl in any city or town in India.

The SHE Teams were launched with the sole aim and objective of curbing eve teasing/street harassment and providing a safe and secure Hyderabad city for women. As a part of this, they are filming the eve-teasers and are eventually arresting them.