Monday , May 29 2017
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Hospital run by Muslim trust sets an example of communal amity in Manipur

Imphal: Manipur is home to a number of different faiths. A public hospital and research institute run by the Muslim community provides treatment to poor people from across the state at an affordable rate.

Located at Hatta in Imphal East District, the Public Hospital and Research Institute Trust, which was established in 200, provides health care facilities to the poor of the state.

Managing Director of the hospital, Md. Taj-ud-din, said that the institute aims to provide affordable medical service to the economically and socially backward people of the region.

“We are a minority in this state and people are very backward economically and socially. Medical care is necessary in this region. We are providing low cost medical care to the people,” he said.

Razia, a nurse in the hospital, said that they serve people of all communities without any discrimination.

“It is very good for Muslims that we get to work here. We are getting an opportunity to serve or work for others without any discrimination based on caste or religion. Even in the future I want to continue serving people like this considering it as my own responsibility,” she said.

The hospital is well equipped with a laboratory and an operation theatre. Since its inception, it has treated around 15,000 patients from all over the state.

At present a team of 40 doctors is working in the hospital, of which 20 Doctors are specialized in different fields.

Fajal Latun, a nurse, said, “There are so many patients from different religions and different places who come here for treatment.”

Gaichun, relative of patient from Kabui Tribe, said, “Though the community might be different, there is a good level of cooperation and amity among everyone.”

The Hospital not only helps the poor and needy but also is a perfect example of love and unity among different communities.