Thursday , May 25 2017
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Hindu seers to discuss ban on conversion

Religious leaders of various mutts across the country will meet on Wednesday at the temple town of Tirumala in AP to discuss various issues including enforcement to ban on forced religious conversions in India.

In a day-long session about 50 religious seers will mull to chalk out a plan of action for preservation and propagation of the ancient Hindu dharma and the need to bring about legislation to prohibit organized religious conversions.

“After discussing the issue, we will send the resolution to the central government and the states seeking its implementation,” said Hindu Dharma Prachara Trust chairman PVRK Prasad.

Prasad, who earlier served as the executive officer of the TTD, said that the Dharma Prachara Trust is not against any religion.

“Our agenda is not against Religious conversions. If someone converts to another religion after understanding its concept and principles, then there is no problem. But if there is an agenda to carry out conversions in an organized level, then this need to be banned,” he added.