Sunday , July 23 2017
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Heavy response for Siasat’s Muslim Reservation campaign

Hyderabad: Muslims are facing a lot of deprivations due to delay in implementation of 12% reservation in jobs. This year 212 Medical seats and 140 Dental seats were lost by the Muslims due to non-implementation of 12% reservation scheme. Due to this reason, Siasat Urdu Daily launched a massive movement for creating awareness among the Muslims and also to exert pressure on officials and public representatives for making an effective representation for the implementation of 12% reservation to Muslims. This campaign is receiving a lot of response in districts. At mandal level and also at district levels a large number of representations are being made. In many districts of Telangana State photocopies of the proforma published in Siasat Urdu Daily were supplied to the people for sending them to the concerned officials. With the implementation of 12% reservations, a large benefit would be achieved to the younger generation of the Muslims which is the asset of the community. Due to lack of education, less opportunities in the field of education, dropouts in schools, many Muslim youths are frustrated and facing inferiority complex.


Siasat Urdu Daily took up the task of developing the community. A large number of vacancies would be available for intermediate and graduate passed candidates. If 12% reservation is not provided many Muslims candidates would be deprived of these opportunities. This campaign has been started to get the legitimate rights of the Muslim. Muslims would be able to get many Govt. jobs. They would also benefit from the relaxation of upper age limit for jobs. Govt. of Telangana has decided to fill up more than 1 lakh vacancies and a notification had already been issued for certain jobs. If 12% reservation is not implemented, Muslim youths would lose 15000 jobs. They would be eligible to get only 4% jobs.


Siasat Urdu Daily started this campaign to ensure 12% reservations for Muslims and also to exert pressure on the Govt. to get the recommendations of BCs Commission since no other recommendation would be valid legally accept the recommendation of BCs Commission. Reservations provided on the recommendation of BCs Commission will not have any legal complications.



–Siasat News