Saturday , August 19 2017
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Haryana sacks Editor for highlighting health benefits of beef

CHANDIGARH: The editor of a Haryana government magazine has been sacked after an article highlighted the health benefits of eating beef, as Cow slaughter and sale of beef is banned in the state.

Titled, “Iron-Vital for strength”, the article, which appeared in the September issue of the magazine, “Shiksha Bharati”, included “beef” – besides “veal” (meat of young cows) – among four “enhancers” which “directly affect absorption of iron in human body.”

“We said that it should not have been published in the Haryana magazine. We have removed the Editor of the magazine,” Education Minister Ram Bilas Sharma said, adding further action in the matter will follow later.

The minister added that the editor had clarified that the article was published as it was based on a scientific report. Beef was mentioned along with lamb, veal and pork as “enhancers” with other animal food in the article.

The bi-lingual magazine is published in Hindi and English by “President, Shiksha Lok Society-cum-Director, Secondary Education” from the office of the Director, Secondary Education, Haryana.

The online edition of the 52-page magazine, that carried the article on beef, has been removed from the official website of the Primary Education Department. However, the online edition of the magazine is still available on the official website of the Secondary Education Department.

The magazine, in the first few pages, carries a disclaimer, saying the views mentioned are of the contributors and it was not necessary that the department agreed with the views.

Interestingly, Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar is the chief patron of the body publishing the magazine. Mr Khattar sparked a major controversy earlier this month with his comment that Muslims in the country must give up beef. His party, the BJP distanced itself from his remarks, saying, “Eating is a personal choice of people.”