Thursday , May 25 2017
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Harish slams Cong on defections

Irrigation Minister T Harish Rao today expressed anguish on the Congress leaders for their persistent criticism on the ruling party and defections.

At a press conference here Harish alleged that the Congress is known for luring the leaders and splitting parties vertically. He slammed the Congress leaders for questioning the morale of the TRS on defections which was encouraged by them also. Despite a blot on their party, the Congress leaders are trying to malign the image of the ruling party he deplored. The leaders from other parties joining the ruling party for development and achieving golden Telangana state. He ridiculed that the Congress which lured leaders of other parties are now commenting against the TRS defections. The Congress is also known splitting the Janata Dal he said. Is it not true that the Congress split our party and took more than 10 leaders into their during YSR regime he asked. Telangana Congress chief did not ask YSR then on defections. Defections will not be wrong by the Congress or the TRS he said.