Friday , May 26 2017
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Häfele Launches its Häfele ICONIC Sanitary Brand ‘AQUA TRENDZ’ BATHROOM FAUCETS

Häfele, the world leader in architectural hardware, furniture and kitchen fittings introduces its Häfele Iconic Sanitary ‘Aqua Trendz’ Bathroom Faucets. Häfele has pioneered the way fittings are sold in India for over 10 years. Being a German company its foremost concern has always been to offer customer’s premium quality products at competitive prices paired with solution based services. Häfele takes this concept to the next level with the introduction of the new Häfele ICONIC brand ‘AQUA TRENDZ’ BATHROOM FAUCETSwhich signifies the “Best of the Best” from each product category.

Häfele continues in its endeavor of developing new designs based on radical technologies to bring in tangible benefits for its consumers. Häfele introduces a range of designer faucets conceptualized, conceived and crafted in Italy, the epicenter of fashion. This range consists of 6 series of designer faucets which are as follows: Style, Stark, Groove, Lure, Stilt and Magic.

These faucet designed by Mr. Alessandrio Veralli in the Magic Range, help individualize your bathroom with innovation, ergonomics and technology. The elegant curves, the meandering frames and the geometric outlines of these faucets help amplify the classiness of your dream space. The collection of these exquisite designs and subtle form induces pure admiration and accolades.All the Aqua Trendz Bathroom faucets are recognized for their low operational noise level and a flawless water flow quality even under difficult flow conditions. They are integrated with a Water Sense Technology which helps save 20% more water as compared to the volume of water consumed in normal day to day operations.

Commenting on the new Häfele ICONIC Sanitary- Aqua Trendz Bathroom Faucets, Mr. Jürgen Wolf, Managing Director, Häfele India Pvt. Ltd says, “From the very beginning Häfele had set out on the ambitious goal to provide our customers with complete interior fittings solutions starting with their front doors to their kitchens, premium Appliances, sliding solutions for their doors and wardrobes, innovative LED based lighting solutions, and many useful fittings for the living and bedroom. The only remaining category where we did not have a satisfactory offering was for bathroom fittings. With the new Range of Aqua Trendz in the Häfele Iconic Sanitary category of Bathroom Faucets we are now finally able to offer our customers an exciting range of qualitydesigner faucets. This also completes our product offerings and makes us a complete “One Stop Shop” for all interior fittings solutions.”