Friday , July 21 2017
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This group of Hyderabad Muslims urged people not to slaughter cows

Hyderabad: A group of Muslims from Barkas has appealed to people in their locality to avoid sacrificing cows, bulls and bullocks in an attempt to promote communal harmony between Muslims and Hindu.

According to a report published in DNA News, the group known as Arab Gourakshana Samithi (AGS) stopping the transportation of cows and requesting them to give back the bovine to their sellers.

Barkas area has an intriguing history of people coming from various tribes in Yemen. Around 200 people from 25 tribes have joined the Arab Gourakshana Samithi (AGS), the group claimed.

The area is also known for its markets that sell meat of buffaloes and cows.

While talking to a leading daily, President of AGS, Abdullah Bin Ali Bahameid said, “We are working towards building a spirit of brotherhood among Hindus and Muslims. No nation can survive if there is a trust deficit between communities. The Hindus revere the cow and there is no harm if Muslims respect their sentiments.”

However, the group is facing a criticism of it being allegedly supported by political parties like BJP and RSS.

It is being accused of keeping close contacts with BJP’s Goshamahal legislator T Raja Singh which is very well known for his viewpoint against cow slaughter.

Bahameid called the allegations false and baseless. He said, “In what capacity are these people spreading these rumours? I challenge them to prove these allegations. I’m an advocate myself and I’m ready to fight my case… (I am a) common man of the country and an Indian Muslim who believes in one God. We must respect each other’s religions, only then can everyone live in peace.”