Friday , August 18 2017
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Gross travesty of justice in the case of Yakub Memon: Justice Markandey Katju

New Delhi: Justice Markandey Katju the former Supreme Court judge and former chairman of Press Club of India
has criticized the decision of apex court about the conviction of Yakub Memon and term called it as a ‘ gross travesty of justice’.

‘I believe there has been gross travesty of justice in the case of Yakub Memon’ said wrote Mr Katju on his Facebook page.
Explaining his stand Mr Katju who is known for his bold views said ‘ I have carefully studied the judgment of the Court. The evidence on which he has been found guilty is very weak. This evidence is (1) retracted confession of the co-accused, and (2) alleged recoveries’.

Throwing light on the method used by police to get confession Mr Katju says ‘ everyone knows how ‘confessions’ are obtained by the police in our country–by torture. And torture is such a terrible thing that one will confess to anything under torture. Joan of Arc confessed to be a witch under torture. Moreover, in Yakub Memon’s case the ‘confession’ was retracted’.

Mr Katju also questioned the recoveries by police and wrote ‘ anyone having even the slighted knowledge of the working of the police knows that such alleged recoveries are often planted. The truth is that our police usually cannot nab the real culprits because it is not trained in scientific investigation, and yet it has to solve the crime. So the best thing to do in terrorist cases is to implicate half a dozen Muslims, since it is well known that Muslims have nothing else to do except throw bombs’.

Mr Katju is also very much concerned about the populist approach of judiciary while delivering justice. ‘I fear it is becoming increasingly populist. Many judges want to show to the public that they are ‘tough on terror’, never mind if innocent people are convicted and hanged’ wrote the ex judge criticizing his own profession of past.

–Courtesy “Muslim Mirror”