Friday , May 26 2017
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Govt should not hold talks with Pakistan: VHP

In the wake of repeated ceasefire violations by Pakistan, the VHP today said government should not hold any talks with that country.

“There should be no talks with Pakistan. Pakistan does not understand this language. Talks have no meaning for Pakistan. In Pakistan, the strings of power do not lie in the hands of Nawaz Sharif. Such a person who is only a puppet, there is no use talking to him. Keeping in view Pakistan’s character, Modi should use that language only to make them understand,” VHP joint general secretary Surender Jain said.

He said one who believes in Pakistan’s statements does not know its true character and Pakistan has stated many things in the past too, but the result of all such statements have come in the form of Kargil or Chhattisingpora or other mass killings.

“It is clear that Pakistan does not understand the language of talks. Pakistan should be taught a lesson. What has been done in Myanmar, there is need to carry out the same operation is replicated in Pakistan,” he said.

The VHP favoured a Myanmar-like attack and asked Modi to help bring back Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir through it.

It also termed as “unfortunate” and “disturbing” unfurling of IS flags in Kashmir and said all those behind it be dealt with sternly and tried for treason outside the state.

On the threats of a Atom bomb attack made by Pakistan, he said it has stolen the atom bomb but “it is not easy to use that stolen atom bomb”.

The VHP leader said while discussion were carried out on one hand, on the other they were carrying out firings along the border and killing innocents while also making false allegations of a drone.

“The talks at Russia were good, but during the talks there were ceasefire violations too, killing innocent civilians. And these attacks along the border increased thereafter,” he said.

On Modi’s proposed visit to Pakistan, Jain said, while he has accepted the invitation of visiting Pakistan “We want he should go to Pakistan not sitting in an aircraft, but sitting on a tank and teach Pakistan a lesson. That will be the solution with Pakistan.