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Govt. ready to discuss intolerance issue: Naidu

New Delhi, Nov. 25 : Union Parliamentary Affairs Minister M. Venkaiah Naidu on Wednesday said the government is ready to discuss any issue, including the intolerance debate.

“The government is ready to discuss all issues, including intolerance. There is nothing to hide in it. Few incidences have taken place in the state. It is an issue of law and order. The government is ready to discuss it,” Naidu told media here.

Naidu said in the all-party meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi discussed what should be India’s stand on climate in the Summit in Paris.

“Prakash Javadekar has done a lot of work on that. We will take opinions in these two days,” he added.

“The Prime Minister said that the Finance Minister is holding discussions with all and he is willing to speak to all parties to address the doubts on the GST bill,” he said.

The Congress has made its stand very clear and insisted that the Winter Session cannot be restricted to a bill of the government. The opposition has categorically stated to take up certain issues like debate over rising intolerance in the country and farmers’ suicide in the Parliament.

“The session cannot be restricted to one bill of the government. Yes, Parliament has legislative agenda and business to transact, but at the same time there are other issues that the Parliament has to discuss. It is the highest forum of discussion and debate in a parliamentary democracy. There are concerns before the country today when it comes to constitutional rights and guarantees which are under attack,” Sharma told ANI in an exclusive interview yesterday. (ANI)