Saturday , July 22 2017
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Google marks Ludvig van Beethoven`s work with doodle

New Delhi: Google is celebrating iconic German music composer Ludvig van Beethoven’s 245th birth anniversary with its doodle.

The online portal has created a puzzle with beautiful music, drama and depth that tests a person’s knowledge of the work done by Beethoven through an interactive doodle.

The doodle begins with one of his symphonies playing in the background and asks viewers to piece together his work such as ‘Fifth Symphony,’ ‘Fur Elise,’ ‘Moonlight Sonata’ and ‘Ode To Joy.’

Later, the doodle shows a distraught Beethoven struggling to put his compositions together.

Beethoven’s date of birth has always been a point of debate, but December 17th marks the 245th anniversary of his baptism.

This iconic musician despite of suffering from the premature death of his two siblings and losing his hearing at the peak of his career became one of the land marks in the music industry. (ANI)