Wednesday , November 30 2016
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Google doodle celebrate 168th birth anniversary of Annie Besant


Google doodle this week is celebrating 168th birth anniversary of Annie Besant. The doodle appeared on Google homepage on Thursday. It features a cute illustration of Besant sitting in a rocking chair holding a copy of ‘New India’ and smiling.

Annie Besant was a British socialist, women’s rights activist, writer and orator. Born on October 1, 1847, in Clamham, London, Besant supported Irish and Indian self-rule.

She was also a part of Indian politics. During the World War I in 1914, she encouraged the launch of Home Rule League to pitch for democracy in India and dominion status within the Empire.

Besant came to India in 1893 and made it her home, and stayed here till her death in 1933. While in India, the freedom fighter’s biggest achievements were establishing the Central Hindu College at Benares, and being the first woman and European President of the Indian National Congress.

She travelled to India and help set up Central Hindu College in 1898 and Hyderabad National Collegiate Board in 1922.