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Girls in Assam benefit from self-defence training

Guwahati: Having realized the importance of learning self-defence skills, parents in Guwahati are now encouraging girls to take training in the same. A large number of girls are participating in a training camp in the city to equip themselves with self-defence tactics.

These young girls are making the most of an opportunity to learn the basics of self-defense.

Boxing, Kicks, blocks, double punch – they are learning everything with enthusiasm.

They were all a part of a 10-day long self-defence camp organized by the World Vision India under its ‘My City’ initiative at Sonaighuli in Guwahati.

The trainees were taught the various skills of self-defence by instructors Debojit Gogoi and Bornali Gogoi in collaboration with Tang-So-Do Sports Association of Assam.

“Given the increase in crimes against women, self-defense is highly important. Parents have also become very alert these days. We are happy to see so many girls coming up for this 10-day camp. Guardians of a number of girls have asked us to continue with the classes. They are very much interested in this so we are thinking of continuing it,” said Bornali Gogoi, an instructor.

With a rise in the number of crimes against women, parents have been encouraging their daughters to take up martial arts so that they can protect themselves.

After attending the basic camp, many of the participants are now keen to get further training as well.

Some of them are also interested to take up martial arts as a profession and train other people in the future.

“My parents have supported me and said that it is important to learn such things. If I become a professional in this, I will try to provide training to all those girls who don’t get such chance to learn,” said a participant Preetima Swargyary.

“I already had a lot of interest in all of this and had decided to participate in such activities. When I got this chance through this NGO, I felt really good and came here to take part in the camp,” added Promila Basumatary, a participant.

Martial art training not only aids in self-defense but can also play an important role in keeping people mentally and physically fit. (ANI)